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  • . . . over-protection and isolation

    the bare wood floor rises toward a set of double-arches — formed by the curve of the red chair and mirrored from above by the structural arch. These forms embrace the subject, creating
    an enclosed, protected environment. This atempt at santuary remains vulnerable to threats from within and from without

    . . . injury

    an isolated chair covered in delicate flower petals is symbolic of the desire to heal painful scars that left the injured party vulnerable and filled with self-consciousness

    . . . potential

    bright yellow sunflowers,
    a vibrant bird's-nest fern,
    a vigorous climbing vine — these represent talent, intelligence and creativity root-bound, dormant and
    cut off, still striving

    . . . renewal

    votive candles, with or without an active flame, an empty hearth, a solid red ball, a fractured doll, games of hide and seek — all represent the spirit of the child — water is the possibility of renewal

    . . . fanaticism

    the reflection of an ancient cathedral, the obsession with broken arches are symbols of a distorted focus, the denial of life and reality — a failure to grow out of an over-reliance on absolutes — a trap

    . . . civilization

    greek temples, stained-glass, distant city skylines, a large red metronome — missing its pendulum — symbols of the civilization, history and society surrounding, yet outside the experience of the subjects

    . . . escape

    almost hidden, a small hand clutches one of several books in an ongoing search for answers — with this process comes the ability to think and learn, communicate and persuade — these are basic lifelong benefits of education — in addition, a passionate spiritual celebration demonstrates an imaginative system of belief designed to overcome fear and insecurity, creating a much-needed internal support system, resulting in greater personal stability and self-sufficiency