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  • Girls At Dusk 50" x 62" Oil on canvas. Available as Giclee on canvas or paper at ChimeraDitto.

    . . . at dusk

    When I grow up, I will be smart and strong. I think I will stay awake at night getting ready. I will be different. I won't have to put my things away. I will make a beautiful mess. In the morning I will go outside without permission. I won't be afraid. I won't have to hide. People will know I am strong.

    When I grow up I will be seen. I will dress as I please. My hair, my eyes, my skin, my shape will be my own. I will not have to wear someone else's cast-off, wrong-fitted and stretched. I will be ill-at ease. I won't be ashamed. People will know I am my self.

    When I grow up I will be heard. I will speak of my mind. I will pay close attention to be sure I am prepared. I will make a difference. The silence will not frighten me. I will fill it with my own ideas. I won't be shy and timid. People will know I am bold.

    And in the morning I will go outside. I will not ask. I will just go.

    Detail — Girls At Dusk