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  • Blue Dress 50" x 60" Oil on canvas. Available as Giclee on canvas or paper at ChimeraDitto.

    . . . the three of us

    There were three of us. We stuck together in an upstairs flat in Detroit. Most of the time we looked like one girl: only tripled. We went everywhere together. We wore identical dresses and socks and shoes. The ribbons in our hair were all the same. Everything the same — even though we were not.

    Our mom was strong and smart. When she laughed, we did too. We couldn't help it. She was funny. She had to prove to everyone that she could stand by herself without our father. He was evil. She taught us to run from him. She made us promise we'd run. We learned to fear him and to cling to her. We never saw him again.

    Our world became small and frightening.

    Mom was the only one alert to the danger everywhere. In the air. In the
    streets. In the walls of our house and in the souls of the people around us.
    She determined to fight it. Fighting evil scared us. I tried to help her but it made her tired all the time. She didn't laugh much anymore. Our world
    became only the three of us. We stuck together but we would never be safe.
    We were alone.

    I miss her.

    Detail — Blue Dress