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  • Hide No Seek 36" x 46" Oil on canvas. Available as Giclee on canvas or paper at ChimeraDitto.

    . . . hide. no seek.

    Sometimes, like when we knew our dresses were wrong — other kids didn't have to wear dresses, matching dresses exactly alike, the same dress every day — we'd pretend to be invisible. There was nothing wrong with the dresses. Except, nobody else had dresses like ours. So we were teased.

    We were teased about our dresses and our hair. We were teased about our shoes and the way we were always reading so many books. We were teased because our mother and father were not there. We were teased because we were from someplace else. We were teased because we were together.
    "Which one of you can fight the best? Can you beat up your sister?"

    So we played by ourselves a lot.

    We played house. Using a sharp stick, we would scratch the outline of each room deep into the ground. We would fill them in with red, yellow and brown earth. We'd pretend we had husbands and babies. We'd make dinner and go shopping. We would fight and someone would get locked out of the house. We'd get bored. "Let's play hide and seek." Playing house was no fun if we were not together.

    Detail — Hide No Seek