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    The chimera's song is as big
    around and alone as the blues.
    Warm and maybe sad it's got these rich, colorful, rhythmic parts that make you want to stay and hear more.

    ChimeraBlues is an album; a collection of images and writing. It's a record of recollections. Some have kept me going, while others may have held me back. I can't tell which is which so I've kept them all. Anyway, it's a good album. I share it because it is my sincere wish that like a great song, it will bring people close. Close to the artist. Close to each other. Close to being themselves.

    So to begin, there are twelve notes on sixteen bars across the top. Each of these notes holds a fragment of a painting. Linger over each note for a thumbnail of the painting. Click on the note — or the thumbnail — to view the painting along with a short narrative.

    Please stay and enjoy the chimera's song for as long as you are so inclined.
    In fact, go ahead and mark it so you can find your way back. I'll try to keep it going. Seriously though, I do have the blues.

    Thank you.